mikloscover02wpThere Is No One Else is a story of love, betrayal, deceit, prejudice and tragedy. Set in Budapest, Hungary, the play tells the story of Istvan and Arabella Geza with World War II, the 1956 Uprising, and the eventual fall of Communism in 1989/90 (the Velvet Revolution) as backdrop. A three-act play with film segments interspersed between the scenes, the story begins with the penultimate scene in the winter of 1989/90 and then moves back and forth through time.
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mikloscover01wpThis is a collection of five stories about love, attraction and illusions, day dreams and dreams that may come true. The lovers are mismatched college students in Washington, D.C.; young actors in Germany marked by childhood traumas; a beautiful New Yorker with an unusual flaw; a lonely single mother in Utah; and an artist with a vivid imagination in Los Angeles.
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3 thoughts on “New!

  1. Hi Johanna,
    I’m glad to have found this page. I think we all write bits and piece of ourselves with each story we write. Eventually, we’ll have a lifetime spread on seventy-five reams of paper. 🙂


  2. Your stories, and the art work that they have inspired, remind me that the left side of my brain needs a little more exercise. Keep writing!

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